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Advertising, Unconventional Marketing , Viral Marketing, Guerrilla Marketing

represent the tools and the strategies we use to start your business online and offline. Through conventional and unconventional marketing, we grow the visibility of your company.

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  • Unconventional Marketing
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LocoStudio Communication organizing campaigns of viral marketing and unconventional marketing Online ed Offline through TV Spots and Video, 2D Animations able to attract several customers to your products and services.
We give you the right consulting to take advantage of all the main communication channels and online advertising represented by social network as Facebook and Twitter and by Streaming broadcast services such as YouTube and Vimeo, providing the tools for their spread. We help in the creation of special accounts in line with your brand. We provide for tips to create and keep your public message wall up to date and well maintained.

LocoStudio Communication also creates a work of marketing offline through the creation of Banners and billboards 6x3, posters and more to provide you with a graphic work careful and original, personal and carefully prepared on your brand offering you a service of marketing and Communication that goes, together with the Web , beyond the single platform, using all the channels available nowadays and capable to be born out of the fact and to win the general interest in order to enhance goods and services with an eye careful to your specific needs.

We organize Guerrilla Marketing to give your advertising an innovative tone, unconventional and low cost, but winning in the contents and results. Thanks to guerrilla marketing we can give you visibility with technichs that play on the use of creative use of tools capable to make your promotion come out, by positively influencing the final user’s mind.
The concept of guerrilla marketing is closely related to the concept of Viral Marketing . Viral marketing is based precisely on the original initiatives that through the psychological influence exercised on the users, can spread rapidly influencing and exciting and excite the curiosity of a large number of people. And in fact, a Guerrilla Marketing event should be able should be able, if properly -thought, to influence and to spread quickly and naturally among consumers, often becoming a real media phenomenon, that is to say, viral.

LocoStudio Communication proposes and implements initiatives in order to give this tone to your advertising, and does it with original and high impact ideas using the most appropriate channels, both online and offline, and suitable for your representative needs.
Viral graphic, viral videos, Street viral marketing and street viral advertising are just a few of the initiatives that we offer.

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