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Post production, Motion Graphic, Green Screen Room, Visual Effects, Video Editing

are the tools by which we turn your ideas into reality and make intimate your special moments intimate. Locostudio Communication assembles your dreams.

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LocoStudio Communication deals with post production, video editing, motion graphic creating video full of original and creative special effects.

Post production is the last step in the making of a product, whether it is advertising, video clip or short film. It is the technique which allows you to turn the idea into visual reality, breaking up the limits of imagination. Different phases are included in this delicate process.

The editing process or Video Editing: consist in assembling, with a suitable and professional video-editing software, all the scenes previously shot. The editing is crucial for the success of a product, especially in advertising. It suggests the timing, and the way of the history that, if shot well, it can enhance the final product in a unique and professional way.

The creation of visual effects or Visual Effects: The only limit that we can have, is that of our mind. The creation of visual effects in fact, can generate whatever our imagination gives birth, limitless. With the most sophisticated computer graphic software we recreate the right scenes to give your product the right emphasis, tickling the curiosity of those who buy, with abreast of the times visual tricks. [See an example]

Dubbing: a good advertising, needs a good voice suggesting the purchase. That is why the dubbing, is a key point in the making of a commercial. LocoStudio Communication provides the client, professional actors that can, with their voices, enhance the emphasis of a product, with a carefully studied Claim . [another example]

Post productione is the icing on the cake of a whole creative process born from brainstorming to the final broadcast.

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