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SEO, SEM, Landing Page, Optimization and Placement website.

Search engine optimization (SEO) and Search engine marketing (SEM)represent the tools with which we bring your business online toward the top positions on search engines. Through a process of analysis, optimization and web positioning, we increase the traffic and the turnover of your business.

seo sem landing page
  • Optimization and positioning in search engines
  • Analysis of keywords your target market
  • Detailed study and optimization On Page and Off Page
  • Landing Page and Positioning

LocoStudio Communication offers an attentive service of Optimization and Placement of your web pages , suitable for any type of activity, taking care of the most relevant aspects to search engines. Through an appropriate campaign of Search Engine Marketing , combined with techniques of Search Engine Optmization we give value and visibility to your company.
The optimization and positioning of a website are functional to its visibility in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) , namely in those pages which first appear in search results provided by search engines.

LocoStudio Communication carries out, initially, careful market analysis to identify those keywords important for your business sector, allowing the interception of the most common queries used by surfers that look for your products through search engines.
After the identification of the main keywords that characterize your market, we perform a careful operation of insertion of these on HTML code and then on the contents of your website , treating in detail the whole hypertext structure of each web page . LocoStudio Communication applies this indexing service and visibility for the images so that also the latters are indexed and easily identified by search engines. All this gives us the strength to implement an optimization On page of your website giving it the right qualities in terms of SEO.

We design for you Landing Page optimized for one or more keywords and with an eye-catching graphic to attract on your website a significant number of visitors who are really interested in the advertised product. A Landing Page is none other than the specific page that a visitor reaches after clicking on an Advertising or on a dedicated link. That's why we accompany the realization of your Landing Page with campaigns Pay Per Click (PPC) and keyword advertising programs as Google AdWords to provide an excellent between investment and earnings, and restrained payback time of the investment (ROI = Return On Investment).

Optimizing your online Business means then doing all those activities aimed at increasing itsmown visibility volume generating quality traffic to your   website either thanks is the potentials offered by search engines (google, yahoo, bing, etc. ...), or through techniques of Optimizzation Search Engine (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) . Optimizing your offline Business. means to instead carry out all those activities aimed at increasing your own visibility through conventional advertising channels, but with unconventional techniques, using for example guerilla marketing viral marketing , billboards and banners and other things that can accomplish your complete and winning advertising campaign.
For this reason, LocoStudio Communication has embraced the idea of modern​​ marketing and communications, to give prominence and visibility to your business.
We do well and with passion in our work. We are your guarantee of success .

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