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Corporate videos, video clips, 2D Animations, TV SPOTS, Full HD.

Tells yourself, your history with the transparency and style of a video. We communicate, transmit, move with the charm of moving images.

  • Full HD Video Company
  • Promo video
  • Video clip
  • TV Spots with script
  • 2D Animations

LocoStudio Communication helps you to communicate immediately and in a visually appealing way through the creation of corporate videos video clip , promo video , Full HD TV Spot and customed animations 2D in order to give a touch of dynamism and movement to your company.

Videos are important communication tools, useful to promote yourself, your company, your products, taking advantage of alternative promotion channels, capable of reaching a wide range of people.

That is why our video are realized in Full HD and with the use of special effects directly created in our offices, where we have a Green Screen Room , which is essential for creating original and first-rate works.

In addition we create for you 2D animations designing animated characters in line with your brand , cartoon characters that tell your promotions, your products, with an original and high-impact approach, able to take hold among potential customers by sending a clear and immediate message.

Today it becomes more and more important to invest in visibility and communication. We are able to realize and produce customized TV spots and videos , of high-impact both graphic and visual, with the aim to draw positively the attention of those watching them. Whatever your need to communicate, we are able to produce video in high definition Full HD according to your needs.

Competence in the techniques of shooting and editing, joined to the professionalism in the creation of texts and to creativity in marketing allows us to design and produce promotional videos ensuring professional and innovative results.

LocoStudio Communication is responsible for the dissemination and airing of TV Spots and promos on the most popular local TV stations to guarantee greater visibility greater visibility in any time slot.

Expertise, passion and professionalism allow us to space in each direction, making tv spot with script, business commercial, 2D animations, video clip, promo video, Full HD video business to suit your personal needs.

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